Anti Aging Skin Care Tips To Combat Time

Anti Aging Skin Care Tips To Combat Time

Over-the-Counter Magic

Anti-wrinkle creams are some of the hottest selling skin care products out there. There is a dizzying array of choices available. While some products can genuinely help you erase those fine lines, many products are over-hyped and even falsely advertised. The FDA does not regulate the sale of skin care products, leaving consumers to fend for their own. To minimize the chances of making the wrong choice, make sure to read the ingredients of the product first. Be knowledgeable about what types of ingredients can actually be beneficial to your skin.

Be careful of any skin care product that advertises itself to contain collagen. Collagen cannot penetrate the epidermis when applied topically; hence all claims about its efficacy are actually false. You will also see a lot of anti-wrinkle products claiming to have all sorts of vitamins. While Vitamin A and Vitamin E are known to have a role in healthy skin, their effects when applied topically are relatively unknown. Unless you respond well to psychological conditioning, skin care products that boast vitamin-enhancers are likely ineffective.

Over-the-counter skin care products containing retinoic acid or tretinoin are generally perceived as more legitimate, since these are commonly prescribed by dermatologist. Products containing alpha hydroxyl acids are also a good bet. More expensive skin care products are not necessarily better. The opposite is true with skin care – a general study has shown that many of these high-priced and branded anti-wrinkle creams and lotions actually contain either dubious ingredients, or too much artificial colors and fragrances.

Anti-Wrinkle Formula from the Cupboard

You don’t have to go to the pharmacy to give your face some anti-aging treatment. You can use a variety of ingredients found in your home. They’re all natural, and don’t cost a fortune either. Moreover, making your own wrinkle formula can be a lot of fun. For the most basic anti-aging regimen, use a cotton swab and apply fresh lemon or orange juice on your face. The acid in the fruit is a good exfoliant. If you do this often enough, you will notice that your skin will peel lightly! Simply discontinue usage when your skin becomes too sensitive.

Dry skin begets wrinkles. Dry skin will have deeper looking creases, naturally. To combat this condition, always hydrate your skin and never aggravate the condition by adding makeup or applying astringents all the time. Use olive oil to trap moisture in the skin. You can also use petroleum jelly. Do this after taking a bath and you will notice immediate improvement after a week.

Have you ever heard of those tips suggesting that you place tomatoes, cucumbers, milk and all sorts of stuff over your face to directly nourish the skin? Well, you will do better to simply eat all of those since most of their nutrients will never penetrate your skin. The soft and supple feeling you get after placing them on your skin is simply the result of soaking your face in moisture! If you really want the Vitamins to work on your skinFree Web Content, get them inside your body!

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